What is it?

This article will help you understand what Labra Flyout is and how it can help you in your Cloud Marketplace Journey.


Labra Flyout is a product pivotal for your cloud journey

How does FlyOut help me?

  1. Making your product ready to be listed on different Cloud Marketplaces:
    1. Each cloud has its own list of prerequisites and product requirements that need to be met so that a product can be listed on them. These requirements are both technical and non-technical in nature.
    2. With the help of Labra you can ensure that your product meets all prerequisites, validations & technical benchmarks to be listed on AWS, GCP & Azure Marketplace.
  2. Seamlessly onboard onto different cloud marketplaces and take your listing live
    1. The process for listing on different marketplaces differs from one another and is a lengthy, time-consuming one. This process is often complex and involves technical integrations.
    2. Labra removes the need for your team to learn and understand the listing process of different marketplaces. We provide you with a simple form that you will have to fill out with constant support available from our team. Once the form is filled, your listing will be created on your preferred Cloud Marketplace.
  3. Migrate your listings to Labra in just a few hours
    1. Regardless of who is handling your listing, you can effortlessly migrate your listings to Labra and manage it from our UI or your CRM.
  4. Manage your entire Cloud Commerce journey by integrating with your CRM.
    1. Managing listing is another pain point, especially for folks from non-technical backgrounds, as one would have to understand the system.
    2. Labra will help you view and create private offers on your listing from your CRM ensuring that the Sales team is able to quickly and seamlessly send out offers to your customers and partners.
    3. It also allows you to view your revenue insights from your listings


  1. Do product requirements and prerequisites for listing differ by cloud marketplace?
    1. Yes, all clouds have their own set of prerequisites and requirements that need to be fulfilled for a product to be eligible for listing.
  2. How does Labra Flyout help with meeting requirements?
    1. With our team of professional experts, you will receive personalized, hands-on support to ensure your product meets all cloud provider requirements and compliances. Any deficiencies identified will also be identified and mitigated by our subject matter experts in collaboration with your team.
  3. How does the onboarding process for Labra Flyout work?
    1. The onboarding process is extremely simple where you can submit your listing information and onboard onto Flyout and your preferred Cloud Marketplace in a single go.
  4. Can my other team members help in creating the listing?
    1. Yes, you can work in collaboration with as many team members as you would like to be able to give all the required information in our new smart and effortless onboarding form, which will create your listing.
  5. Will Labra need access to my Marketplace account?
    1. Yes, we will need you to set up the necessary Cloud account access and security configurations in your Cloud marketplace seller account. These are required so that Labra can manage your listings effectively.
  6. What products can Labra flyout support?
    1. We currently support the following product types:
      1. SaaS
      2. Container
      3. Professional Service
    2. Please note that ii and iii are currently only supported for AWS Marketplace but will soon be supported on other cloud platforms.
  7. Can I view my public offers on CRM as well?
    1. Yes, you can view all your public offers inside your CRM or our UI.
  8. Can I manage the entire end-to-end process for creating private offers via Labra? Can I also manage this from my CRM?
    1. Yes, Labra allows you to manage the entire full-stage process for creating and managing your Private Offers from inside our UI or your own CRM, making it easier for your Sales team to control all offers.