This article will help you understand the subscriptions and all the details around it.

What is a subscription?

Whenever buyer purchases your product it creates a subscription. It can be originated from either public, private or free trial offers. Subscription = Agreements on AWS Marketplace. Subscription has following fields:

  1. Created date - Date on which the product was purchased.
  2. Start date - Start date of subscription. Most times it is created date. In case of FDAs it can be a future date.
  3. End date - Start date of subscription. In case of SaaS subscriptions, it will be empty.
  4. Status - Status of the subscription. It can be any of the following.
  5. Auto renew - Indicates if the subscription will auto renew itself at the end date or not.
  6. Product - Product which was purchased by the buyer.
  7. Buyer Account ID - Account id of the buyer.
  8. Subscription ID - Cloud subscription id. Agreement id on AWS Marketplace.
  9. TCV - Total contract value of the subscription.

Where to check for subscriptions?

You can check subscriptions and their details in the following manner:

  1. On UI - There is a separate tab on the labra UI called "Subscriptions" where you can see all subscriptions and their details.
  2. On Salesforce - There is an object called as Labra Subscriptions. This object will store all subscription and will be upto date with any changes that happen on AWS Marketplace.