Labra managed listing

TLDR: If you are a company from one of the regions restricted from listing on AWS Marketplace, you can use Labra's managed listing service to get listed and transact.

Labra Managed Marketplace Listings

At Labra, we call it “Managed marketplace listings”. This service offered will handle the listing, transactions, and disbursements. Sellers will be able to leverage the reach and visibility of AWS Marketplace while minimizing their legal and regulatory burden as well as use the capabilities of the Labra platform to streamline their marketplace operations.

SaaS sellers reduce the time and cost to get on AWS Marketplace by using Managed Marketplace Listings by Labra. The service is designed to help ISVs increase their visibility and reach, attract new leads, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Managed Marketplace Listings are powered by the Labra Platform, the Labra Reseller service, and our team of marketplace experts to ready, market, and co-sell SaaS software.

Benefits of AWS Marketplace

SaaS sellers get the following benefits from being on AWS Marketplace:

  1. Huge, global marketplace
    AWS Marketplace has over 300,000 customers around the world.
  2. Procurement features
    AWS customers have allocated budgets, standard contracts, and private offers.
  3. Brand awareness
    Credibility of partnering with the leading, global public cloud and AWS brand.
  4. Flexible pricing
    A range of payment options from PAYG to BYOL, with multiple scale dimensions.
  5. Efficient costs
    Increase your revenue without increasing sales and marketing costs.
  6. Simplified onboarding
    Automation and APIs simplify customer setup and configuration.

Listing with Labra - how does the process look like

Here’s how Labra’s managed marketplace listings can help your business get listed on the AWS marketplace with ease.


  1. Have an eligible SaaS product
  2. Have an AWS account.
  3. Have a defined customer support process and support organization.
  4. Provide a means to keep software regularly updated and free of vulnerabilities.


  1. What CRMs are supported by Labra?
    Labra currently has integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Connectwise.
  2. What are the supported listing types under this service?
    This service currently supports only the AWS marketplace. The ISV’s product type can be SaaS contracts, SaaS Contracts with usage, SaaS subscription and Professional services.
  3. How often will the disbursements be made from Labra’s end?
    Labra processes payments from AWS and disburses them to the appropriate seller once a month, which happens 14 days after the funds are received from AWS.