What is FDA?

FDA stands for Future Dated Agreements. When you create a private offer, you have an option to add a future start date. FDAs are a feature just for SaaS contracts with or without additional usage products.

Fields definition

Let's deep dive into the fields required to create a private offer and things to keep in mind while doing so

  1. Offer Name - Keep this as user-friendly as possible. The buyer sees this name in the list in the process of accepting the offer.
  2. Offer Expiration Date - The date on which the offer will expire, i.e., the offer has to be accepted before this date.
  3. Subscription End date - The date on which the new subscription(that will be created when the offer is accepted) will end.
  4. EULA - Two options are provided to the seller. Standard EULA provided by AWS. If you have custom terms negotiated with the buyer, then you can upload the pdf/txt file as well.
  5. Installments - ABOs accept only installments as a payment method. If the ABO is accepted, then it completely overtakes the current payment schedule of the buyer. For example: If the current subscription with the buyer has some installments pending, then you need to accommodate that in the new installments as part of ABO.
  6. Commit Quantity - The quantity for each dimension that you want to offer.
  7. Usage Dimension Absolute Price- Configure the new price of each metering dimension.