What is it?

This article gives an overview of the Labra cCommerce Platform, which is designed to guide you through the cloud readiness, market, and selling phases of the cloud marketplace journey.


Labra cCommerce Platform's key feature is its ability to seamlessly integrate and synchronize between various internal business-critical systems and cloud provider systems while keeping the essential stakeholders in the loop.

This is achieved through direct API integrations that are constantly updated with cloud provider standards and are made available for users to access through our intuitive UI and/or your CRM system.

Additionally, the platform provides a unified experience for managing multiple cloud marketplace listings and co-selling activities right from your CRM. This harmony translates to streamlined operations, eliminating the inefficiencies of disjointed tools and processes. Experience a unified cloud commerce strategy, where every move is synchronized for success.


  1. Faster multi-cloud strategy - The Labra platform enables sellers to get listed and manage multiple cloud marketplace listings effortlessly. Further, it accelerates relationship building with cloud provider sales teams thus, making Co-Selling easier.
  2. Reduced manual effort - Automation-enabled workflows keep your work in sync with cloud marketplace portals. Submitting new opportunities and creating private offers can be managed right within your existing CRM and sales workflows.
  3. Visibility into cloud journey - Easily manage end-to-end cloud marketplace operations across all your cloud listings from one platform.
  4. Additional insights into cloud sales - Generate reports with custom metrics to provide insights to leadership teams and other key stakeholders.
  5. Unified platform for co-sell and marketplace management - Effortlessly scale cloud sales by leveraging dual channels for growth - the marketplace offers and co-selling with partner networks.


  • How do I subscribe to the Labra Platform?
    Users interested in purchasing Labra can purchase it directly through our marketplace listing (AWS, Azure, GCP) or contact us at [email protected] for more information on the product and customized offers.
  • Is the Labra platform a separate purchase from Labra FlyOut and OppSync products?
    Most of our users choose to leverage both FlyOut and OppSync products. If you require just one product, you can reach out to us at [email protected] for a customized offer.
  • Which CRM systems are supported?
    Labra supports Salesforce - Classic and Lightning, Hubspot, and Connectwise CRM systems. With support for Microsoft Dynamics coming in 2024.