Migration from other provider

Migrating data to the Labra cloud commerce platform is a seamless process that ensures the smooth transition of all your product listings, offers, and contracts.

With Labra's expertise, you can confidently move your offerings to our feature-rich platform without any disruptions to your business operations. Labra's migration guarantees the security and integrity of your data throughout the migration process, ensuring that all your valuable information is transferred accurately and securely.

Even if you are not using any third-party services, migrating to Labra offers several benefits compared to maintaining your own product listing. By leveraging Labra, you can concentrate on your core business while taking advantage of a robust cloud commerce platform.


In case you are currently not a customer and want to learn about our product, simply reach out to us at [email protected] and schedule a demo


  1. The seller should have a marketplace listing.
  2. The seller should run Labra CFT (Cloud Formation Template) on the marketplace AWS account, i.e., from which the listing was created.

Steps for migration

  1. Labra customer success representative will ensure this is covered as a part of your onboarding process.
  2. Once prerequisites are completed, you will receive a form to submit Product names, notification details, and Landing page details. This is for Labra to know which products to migrate.
  3. In parallel, you will be provided with a CSV to obtain which accounts for buyer data correspond to each Agreement.
  4. After submission of details, products will be migrated to Labra, and Labra will apply for fulfillment URL change in all migrating products. Fulfillment URL change can take any time between ~ 1 to 7 days with AWS.
  5. Labra will migrate agreements, offers, and buyer data CSV.
  6. All of the migration is managed and completed entirely by our team


Post the migration of the products, if the Seller bought the Labra Salesforce app, they can proceed with connecting Salesforce to Labra. After the connection, they can pull the products in their Salesforce org by running the Labra Onboarding flow.

Data migrated

  1. Product listings
  2. Active Private Offers created in the last 3 months (our recommendation)
  3. Active Contracts / Agreements on all active offers, along with corresponding buyer data


It is also possible to perform selective migration (Select only the data you want to migrate)

What we need from you

  1. AWS Administrator - To run the Cloud Formation Template (CFT) and create the IAM role.
  2. Marketplace manager - Point of contact who maintains the listings on the marketplace.
  3. CRM Admin (Optional) - To connect and setup the salesforce app


The tentative timeline is around four weeks for all steps to be completed, subject to AWS and your team's availability.